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    Our personal transportation service is no joke. Whether you need airport transportation to or from your terminal, our taxi cab service will be your smooth ride there.
    American Taxi Services provides a team of professional drivers to take care of all your private car service needs. We make sure you get to your destination as safely and quickly as possible.
    We know our way around Atlanta, GA like the back of our hand. We are a 24 hour taxi company so you can call us any time at (770) 395-9311 for your car transportation needs.
    Our transportation radius is for cities in Georgia, specifically the Sandy Springs and Atlanta, GA area.
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Our Services

Car driver pickup
Personal Transportation

Are you tired of surge prices on Uber or lyft apps? Let us handle your personal transportation anywhere and anytime. We have reasonable pricing and we keep track of all our drivers to make sure your rides are always comfortable and smooth.

Airport Transportation

Trying to wave down a taxi or cab can be stressful at an airport. Many airports have even banned uber and lyft drivers. Americab Taxi Services can remove that hassle for you and make sure your airport transportation is quick and efficient. Call us at (770) 395-9311 so you don’t have to wait with the rest of the crowd.

24 Hour Taxi

We provide a 24 hour taxi service for all of our clients. It doesn’t matter whether it’s during the darkest of the night or before the sun rises. We are on call and ready to get you out of that place as soon as possible. We’re extremely familiar with the Atlanta, GA area so we’ll get to you in no time.

Car driver hire
Private Car Service

Are you seeking a reliable private car service? All of our clients have been extremely satisfied with the services that we have provided to them. We like to form deep client relationships so that the next time you come by the area, you know who you can trust to drive you around town.

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best customer service. you are always greeted by a live voice not an answering machine truly a 24hr service
drivers really know the area, some know more than others. service is friendly. faster service depends on your location. or so was told by one of their driver

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